March: Conference Presentations

Caryn presented a paper titled “Collaborative Beginnings: Developing Collaboration Skills in an Interdisciplinary Design Seminar,”at the Beginning Design Conference at the University of Cincinnati, and moderated a panel at the ACSA Annual Meeting in Denver for the journal of Technology | Architecture + Design. 

Prose Award

Pleased to learn that The Designer’s Field Guide to Collaboration received an Honorable Mention from the Prose Awards in the category of Social Science Textbook.

El Corazón: The Heart of Holyoke

The scope for the I-391 Underpass project has been expanded  from the Underpass along the length of Main Street to Lyman Street, with a particular emphasis on the City’s newly established Puerto Rican Cultural Area. In recognition of this expansion, the project has been renamed El Corazón: The Heart of Holyoke.  Nueva Esperanza has joined the project team and will have a key role in developing inclusive and equitable engagement strategies for the project.

Join Us: Participate in our survey of local residents to identify how arts and culture plays a role in their everyday lives, or attend a variety of cultural activities that includes performances, festivals, and workshops. This project provides an opportunity to celebrate Main Street’s cultural vibrancy, and build capacity for local residents’ ongoing efforts to build cultural pride, optimism and economic opportunity along Main Street.

Summer Presentations

Caryn kicked off the summer with several presentations including “Constructing Relationships: Examining Project Structures to Align Design Conception and Realization” at the BTES Conference in Des Moines and “Collaborative Practices: Communication Flow and Information Exchange,” at the Seventh International Conference on The Constructed Environment in Krakow, Poland.

Technology | Architecture + Design is out!

TAD hardcopies of Volume 1, No. 1 –  VIRAL: Information Technology as Prophet, Panacea, or Pariah? – are now arriving at ACSA member schools and being distributed to over 4000 faculty members.

Read the executive editorial – Why TAD? –  from the inaugural issue of ACSA’s new journal.