Hello St. Louis!

Caryn was in St. Louis presenting at the ACSA Annual Meeting. She was part of a research panel put together by the ACSA Research and Scholarship Committee focused on REDEFINING CLIMATE RESEARCH IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT. She also shared her work on Abundance Farm in a session on FOOD NETWORKS, TRADITIONS & SYSTEMS.

Women in Design Award of Excellence

Caryn has been selected as a 2022 Women in Design Award of Excellence honoree. The award is presented in recognition of a person who has built one’s own life around design, whose work exemplifies the best of process and product, and who uses a position of achievement to give back to the world of design and to the community at large. She was honored in Boston at a reception following the Boston Society of Architects Women in Design Intersections Symposium on October 28.

Towers are lit!

These decommissioned electrical towers were scheduled to be demolished. As one element of the Corazón / The Heart of Holyoke project, they have been repurposed as dynamic gateways to the future Puerto Rican cultural district and an invitation to Holyoke’s arts and entertainment area.

Caryn publishes a new article on teaching with Living Buildings

Caryn recently published an article in the Journal of Green Building entitled “Cultivating Stewardship in the Next Generation of Designers: Employing an Experiential Case Based Method Using Living Building Projects.”

This research grew out of teaching with the three local Living Buildings and being able to interact with the project teams as part of Voices from the Field, Caryn’s hybrid seminar and field-based course.

Caryn presenting at EDRA 53 – Health in all Design

Caryn was in Greenville, South Carolina this week presenting in a panel on Designing For Health and Well-Being with a focus on academic settings. Titled “Spatial Composition and Student Well-Being: Student Accounts of Pandemic-Related Campus Modifications,” the presentation shares findings from a qualitative interview study documenting student accounts of their experience of Covid-related campus modifications.

Caryn to present at the ARCC-EAAE 2022 International Conference in Miami

Caryn will be in Miami this week presenting a paper coauthored with colleague Carey Clouse. Titled “Spatial Appropriation During the Pandemic,” the paper discusses an observational research project conducted in the summer of 2021 to identify the ways in which spatial appropriation, particularly during a global pandemic, may have long-term opportunities and consequences for urban Third Places.

Caryn awarded a 2022 ARCC Research Incentive Award

Caryn has received a 2022 Architecture Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) Research Incentive Award to support her research and creative activities. Her proposal, “Spatial Contexts and Social Networks: A Follow Up Study Examining the Effects of Pandemic-related Campus Modifications on Student Experience and Wellbeing” employs an ecological systems lens to understand how rapidly deployed modifications of campus spaces affected students’ experience of learning and of community, as well as their mental health and wellbeing, which are critical components of effective learning and development.

Celebrating TAD at 5 years old

It was such a privilege to work with an amazing group of designers, researchers, scholars and, especially, editors to bring the TAD project to the five year mark! In this editorial, we reflected on the state of the journal, its objectives, and achievements, while looking ahead to the next chapter. It was a meaningful final collaborative endeavor as some of the founding editorial board members, Caryn included, stepped down to make way for new members to move this project forward.